Friday, March 27, 2009


Friday Night!

The blood transfusion is proving to be a good choice. Ross is more talkative and just seems to have a bit more energy all around. He is actually opening his eyes when he talks to you and he is asking to talk to more people.

He is getting a lot of rest so thanks to all who let him rest today.

We all know that Ross is a HUGE Lost fan, correct?? Today he asked if he could watch Wednesday night’s episode. Drew and Tyrel had downloaded it on ITUNES (just incase Ross wanted to watch it at any point) so we set it up and Drew and Ross watched it. Ross seemed to really enjoy sitting there watching the show with Drew.

When Drew and I were heading out tonight to get Carsyn down Ross thought that Drew was leaving for the night. Ross asked Drew if he would come back and play him guitar, and then he said is all I want is for Drew to play me the guitar. I immediately started crying… it was just a really cool moment.

We had barely made it to the house to get Carsyn down and Ross was calling Drew to get back and play him the guitar. So great, makes me so happy that Drew is here.

Lets pray for a really good morning tomorrow. Mornings have seemed to be really rough, lets hope for a good one tomorrow.


  1. Dude Ross I am praying for you constantly bro...I heard about your accident shortly after it happened on Monday and I have been keeping tabs on your situation through my dad via Mike Wall and now through this blog. Dude you have always been an amazing friend to me these past several years and since Spain I have always looked at you as a role model. I know I have never told you that before but I just felt like you should hear it. I'm keeping you in my prayers bro. Get better soon!!

    tyler smith

  2. This post made all of us smile. So glad y'all are able to be there! Ross won't leave our prayers...let us know if there are any other specific prayer requests. thanks for the updates, shannon! keep 'em coming! :)

    Robbi, Christopher, Uncle Chuck, and Aunt Rachel