Thursday, March 26, 2009

Whose turn is it???

Today has been up and down but we are all going to bed on a good note. Ross had a rough morning trying to get out of bed and sitting up (his body just was not ready)... but now he is doing awesome.

He is recognizing people who are coming to visit and talking to people more.

Tonight he asked us where his phone was, we gave him his phone and he said he would call us if he needed us! HA!! Implying that he wanted us out so he could rest. We all went down to the cafeteria and told fun stories about Ross and breathed a big SIGH of relief.

Hopefully Ross will be doing even better tomorrow and ready to chat with more visitors!!

He wont be going home tomorrow but lets keep our fingers crossed for Monday!

Tomorrow if he is up to it we will read him all of his comments!

Thanks for the prayers!

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  1. Hey, Ross! I'm so glad you are doing better and everyone seems to be taking excellent care of you and keeping all of us out here on the internets up-to-date. You've been on my mind all week. Hopefully I'll get to come by and say hello soon. You are awesome and I know you'll heal quick. Thanks to Shan and the rest of the fam for getting this blog up and going. Can't wait until you, Ross, get on here yourself and rant about how bored you are. :)